Welcome to the website of author J.R. Rembert.

Hello my name is Rae.  Welcome to my site.  Feel free to browse around and get to know me a little better.

My first series is Forever into Eternity with the first book being Vampire’s Mate.  Trent Lerraf meets his mate Sarah LaCroix, and he has some tough decisions to make.

The second in the series is Battleground.  Trent must face the fact he has to sacrifice himself to save Sarah and his kind from extinction.  Will Sarah allow him to forfeit his life?

Third in the series is Chained by Desire.  A young man, taken by the vampires, must embrace his family or the love of his life.  If he chooses his family, he will have to kill his mate. What will be his choice?

My Highlander series, Befalling a Highlander’s Spell, starts with Duncan’s story.  Duncan is confronted with a woman magically appearing in his castle.  He refuses to believe in witchcraft and finds himself immediately drawn to her.  Tess, a modern day woman, finds herself among huge Highland men and is wishing the nightmare to go away except she finds Duncan very attractive.

Thomas will be the second in the Highlander series.  Thomas has been close friends and first in command of Duncan’s soldiers for years.  Thomas, once a Templar, has brought back his skills to help his friend but finds himself very attracted to one of the servants in Duncan’s castle.  His story is still coming to me.  It will be more adventure, as always, and love is in the air.

I have another series coming soon that I am just starting to write.  It will be action.  I don’t plan any romance for this series, but my handsome men get justice due them.  I think you will enjoy their stories.

Thank you for visiting my site.